Orthokeratology, otherwise known as Ortho K, is a form of overnight vision correction with gas permeable contact lenses that are worn whilst you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll experience crystal clear vision without the need to wear glasses, or normal contact lenses during the day.
Ortho K lenses work by gently reshaping the cornea whilst you sleep. Their primary function is to correct mild to moderate short sightedness (myopia); in some cases, patients with a prescription of up to -5.00 have even worn them successfully. Ortho K contact lenses can also potentially correct mild astigmatism and long-sightedness (hyperopia).
Ortho K is also currently being used for myopia control. Studies show that Ortho K contact lenses can slow down or even halt the progression of short-sightedness in children. For parents, this means more peace of mind knowing that your child’s eyesight is being improved, and that their glasses or normal contact lenses won’t be damaged at school. For children, this means they can enjoy visual freedom and increased confidence when playing sports, or during activities.
Overnight lenses are safe for children, as they are only used at home under parental supervision. Patients as young as 9 years old have been fitted in the past, quickly adapting to the lenses and the responsibility that comes with wearing them.
No blinking takes place whilst you sleep, which makes them comfortable and painless to wear. It’s also a great alternative to refractive surgery for adults – there is less risk involved as the effects are completely reversible. As soon as you stop wearing them, your eyes will revert to their original shape and prescription.
We are proud to fit and supply Ortho K lenses for adults and children at our Botanic Avenue branch in Belfast. The best way to determine whether you are eligible is to book an eye examination. This allows our optometrist to get an up to date prescription and discuss the next steps with you. We will then book you in for a consultation and fitting. Our high qualified and experienced optometrists use the latest equipment to take measurements and order specially designed lenses for you. They’ll also teach you how to insert and remove them and will monitor you regularly for aftercare once you start using them.

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