Professional Eye Care

If your eyes have not been tested within the last two years, or one if you are over 40, we strongly recommend you have them examined soon.

Modern lifestyles, often involving heavy computer use, driving in all conditions and quite possibly watching too much television, mean eyes are now put under more strain than ever before. Having healthy, well looked after eyes can make a massive difference to your all round well-being, so getting them examined regularly is vital.

Using the very latest in eye examination technology we can quickly establish the state of your vision, the health of your eyes and also help with the early identification of a range of more general health conditions.

An examination can be booked by phone or by visiting your nearest RA Glass practice and will take only 30 minutes.

After asking you a few questions on your vision, general health, family, work and lifestyle in general, our opticians will examine your eyes for the following:

  • Vision quality – unaided and aided (with any glasses or contacts you already use)
  • Eye muscle performance and health
  • Internal eye health, including retinal photography with our state of the art Digital Imaging System
  • Front of eye health
  • Eye fluid pressure

Further tests for depth perception, colour vision and visual field vision may also be performed if required.

Retinal screening, and the detailed retinal images it provides, allows our opticians to look in far greater detail at the health of your inner eye. Regular retinal screening allows them to make year on year comparisons of your eyes’ health, to easily detect any changes.

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