Our guide to keeping your eyes healthy in 2020

Have you made any new year’s resolutions? If not, it’s not too late – you can still commit to something that’s easy and will benefit you in the future – keeping your eyes healthy. It’s not hard work, but there are things that you should be doing to ensure your eyes stay nice and healthy. Here are our top tips to help you along the way:

Visit us for regular eye tests

Making sure you keep up routine appointments is important. It’s easy to say you’re too busy, but finding time to stop by for your eye test near Belfast could make a big difference to your eye health in the future. There are lots of eye diseases and conditions that we look out for when we examine your eyes, and early detection gives you the best chance of successful treatment and saving your eyesight.

Take regular screen breaks

Too much time staring at a screen is one of the worst problems these days when it comes to eye health. Make sure you take a break every 20 minutes and remember to blink to avoid drying your eyes out.

Practice good eye makeup hygiene

You wouldn’t want to put a stick covered in bacteria near your eye, but you’ll use eyeliner and mascara without thinking about it. This is where quality products and looking after your makeup comes in. Our eye makeup tips are: change your mascara every 3 months to ensure it stays fresh and bacteria-free, and make sure you sharpen eyeliner pencils to rid them of anything nasty that could be clinging to them.

Get active

It’s obvious that exercise is good for your body, but did you know it can also benefit your eye health? Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of developing serious eye diseases, so it’s yet another reason to join a class, go running or even dance around your living room.

Even if you’re following all our tips, things can happen that are outside of your control. If you have any worries about your eye health, or if you simply can’t remember when your last eye test was, contact us or book an appointment at our opticians near Belfast today.


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