Our Guide to Buying Children’s Glasses Frames

It can be hard to convince children to wear glasses! They always feel strange at first and even in this day and age, some kids will worry about being picked on for wearing them. Choosing the right children’s glasses frames can make all the difference, and the finding the perfect pair will encourage your child to wear their glasses as advised by our optometrists.


Kids Eyewear

Choosing frames in a colour that your child likes can go a long way to making them want to wear them. A child who wants to wear their glasses will keep them on for longer and feel much more comfortable than one who is wearing them because they’ve been told to. Children’s glasses frames now come in a huge range of colours, so whatever your child’s favourite colour is, there’s bound to be something they will like.


Kids’ glasses need to survive the rough and tumble of play. Strong frame and lens material are both important for a pair of glasses to stay in one piece on even the most active child.


‘Flexible’ isn’t  a word used often to describe children’s prescription glasses, but flexibility is one of the most important aspects when it comes to withstanding daily wear and tear. A good pair of children’s glasses will have a degree of flexibility, usually in the frame hinges.

Introducing Milo & Me Glasses

Milo & Me Glasses

One eyewear range that all the boxes for children’s glasses is Milo & Me. Designed for kids who like to play, Milo & Me children’s prescription glasses frames are built to last while looking cool, or whatever the kids are calling it these days! The frames are made from a tough material that’s also flexible, and they have a metal core in the arms so that they can be adjusted to fit properly and feel comfortable. They also come with an optional headband so your child can play without worrying about the glasses falling off, as well as a pouch to keep them safe when they’re not being worn.

Come along with your child and visit our opticians in the Belfast area to see the range and get them to try some on. Contact us on 028 9042 8910 to book a time to view the frames, and check if your child is due for an eye test at the same time.

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