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Diagnosing health issues from your eye and treating existing conditions

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Here are some of the examples of the most common eye problems and general health problems which can involve the eyes. This is a guide only and if you are concerned you should speak to your GP or consultant or book an eye examination.


This is most commonly a bacterial infection affecting the white of the eye, causing some degree of redness and mucus discharge, which can cause blurring.

High Blood Pressure

Often picked up first during a routine eye examination due to a few early symptoms. High blood pressure can lead to bleeding in the back of the eye usually causing irreversible damage to the vision. Good control of high blood pressure by your GP prescribing medication will most often prevent any problems.


This is the gradual clouding of the lens and is most commonly age related. Different types of cataract affect vision in different ways and therefore how soon you should be seen. An optician will advise you on the following during your eye exam. Most cataract operations today are performed under local anaesthetic in a day procedure.


Diabetes affects the finest blood vessels including those in the eyes. With modern tests it is now less common to first discover diabetes during an eye examination, however your optician will want to see you annually and will liase with your GP or consultant regarding the effect on your eyes.


Glaucoma is most commonly cuased by a build up of pressure in the eye resulting in peripheral visual loss. As pain is rare and visual loss is very gradual, most sufferers are unaware. Pressure checks, ocular examinations and visual field tests now mean that a routine eye examination will often discover glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration

Often described as aging? or wear and tear? of the retina, molecular degeneration often causes devastating visual loss. There are many different types - some more responsive to treatment than others.

Common Eye Problems

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Eye Plans

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