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Experience a comprehensive eye examination with no time constraints

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Our normal eye examination comprises two sections. Firstly, using special instruments, we take a close look at the interiors of your eyes and check for signs of general health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. In some cases this part of the examination may indicate conditions that need further investigation, such as glaucoma.

Secondly, we test your eyesight. Using highly accurate instruments, we make a precise measurement of your eyes’ ability to see clearly. We can then determine the exact power of lenses needed to correct any defects in your vision and this information is entered on your prescription.

Because some eye-related problems can be present without your being aware, we recommend that you have an examination at least once every two years; a shorter interval may be necessary for children, the elderly or those with ocular or general health problems or relevant family history.

An examination can be booked by phone or by visiting your nearest RA Glass practice and will take only 30 minutes.

Eyecare: Why do I need a sight test?

If there's one thing we care about more than anything at R A Glass, it's the health of your eyes. We can determine from the eye test symptoms, history and general health. The optimum interval for your eye examination should be at least once every two years, but your Optometrist may recommend more frequent visits.

We strongly believe that all children and people aged over 70 have an eye test every year - or more often if recommend by their optometrist.

A regular eye examination does a lot more than test whether your eyesight needs correcting. It's also a vital health check that can pick up early signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, as well as detecting underlying general health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Modern lifestyles, often involving heavy computer use, driving in all conditions and quite possibly watching too much television, mean eyes are now put under more strain than ever before. Having healthy, well looked after eyes can make a massive difference to your all round well being, so getting them examined regularly is vital.

Using the very latest in eye examination technology we can quickly establish the state of your vision, the health of your eyes and also help with the early identification of a range of more general health conditions.

What’s involved?

You simply rest your chin and forehead on the pads of the screening machine whilst photographs of your inner eye are taken. At no point do we touch your eye, or cause any discomfort and the whole process only takes a matter of minutes.

At the end of the examination your optician will discuss your eye health and vision with you and recommend the best options in terms of eyewear, if required. And by choosing an R A Glass eye examination you can rely on industry leading aftercare and a comprehensive range of the latest eyewear range.

When it comes to choosing the right lenses for your frames the choice can be overwhelming. We believe in taking an individual approach whatever your lifestyle. Whether you wear glasses all day or for specific activities such as driving, reading, watching TV or using a computer, we can recommend the best lens choice to meet your needs.

An examination can be booked by phone or by visiting your nearest R.A.Glass and will take only 30 minutes

Common Eye Problems

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  • » Glaucoma
  • » Detached Retina
  • » Cataract Surgery
  • » Macular Degeneration
  • » Diabetic Eye Problems
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Eye Plans

Our range of eye plans make tthe cost and long term care of your glasses, lense and eye easy